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Heyo, I'm elevatorz. I am a small Roblox/Gaming content creator on the internet who typically focuses on the sci-fi genre.


Software I use:

Recording: OBS Studio
Streaming: OBS Studio + Stream Elements
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop

Can I use your stuff in my own content?

You can use my stuff with credit if it is for one of these following purposes:
- Using clips to reference something in your own video
- Memes or edits
- Compilations
You are NOT allowed to do the following:
- Full re-uploads of my content with little to no changes.
- Use of my thumbnails as your own.
- Use of my custom-made graphics.
If you're unsure if your use falls under one of the allowed categories, feel free to contact me.How to credit: Link back to my YouTube channel somewhere in the description.

Image Teasers

Puzzle Teasers

On my channel, I often hide previews and other "first looks" of upcoming videos behind a series of puzzles. They're intended to keep people busy until I can make a sizable amount of progress on a big project.You can challenge any previous puzzle teasers by using the buttons below.

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